Aluma Photo-Plate – 20 Years in Business
Celebrate With Us – 20 Years In Business

Aluma Photo Plate Co. will be celebrating 20 years in business on Oct. 1st, 2019.

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Interpretive Signs

Aluma Photo-Plate Co designs and manufactures interpretive signs of all sizes and applications. Commonly used on trails or in nature for parks, trail identification, plant or tree identification and site plaques. Whether you need interior directional signs, or exterior signage for nature preserves, national parks, wildlife refuges, tree markers, plant ID, garden trail displays, traffic control instructions, site maps, elevator "you are here" floor plans, gate access and phone entry instructions, we provide the brightest visual interpretive signs that is built to last for many years.

All our interpretive signage products are "beauty at work," rated for extreme durability and backed by a 20-year rating* for harsh environments, while guarding against UV fading, abrasions, high temperatures, and offering resistance to most chemicals.

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    6080新视觉理论午夜完整无删减版在线观看 6080新视觉理论 ,二龙湖浩哥之风云再起完整版TS在线观看 二龙湖浩哥之风云
  • interprestive sign
  • exterior signage
  • plant marker
  • Normas Garden
  • Memorial Plates
  • Graphic Mural Panels
  • POP Sign Graphics
  • Cemetary Photo Plates
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Fit-n-Fun Trail Signage
  • Excersise Equipment Plates
  • Recognition & Award Plaques
  • Plant / Tree I D Markers and Signs
  • Interpretive Signage
  • Graphic Directional Faceplates
  • Exterior & Interior Signage For :Zoos, Museums, Arboretums,National Parks, Wildlife Refuges
  • Exceptional image resolution
  • High quality / durability
  • 20-year outdoor rating
  • Variety of sizes, finishes, colors
  • Over 50 years of proven field experience
  • 1100 H-14 aluminum alloy

MATERIALS for selection on your application for Interpretive Signage:NOTE: Check the Product and/or Process pages for more detailed specifications.

  • METALPHOTO®-a photo-anodized aluminum as referred to within MIL-STD-130N.
    With ( three ) Finishes to choose from - MATTE, SATIN, #4, and GLOSS
    Available in sizes up 24.0” x 40.0”. NOTE: Not all thicknesses / finishes are available in the largest sizes.
    With ( ten ) Thicknesses to select from - .003" / .005" / .008" / .012" / .020" / .032" / .039" / .063" / .090" / .125"
    Base colors available with the photo-anodized aluminum is Silver / Gold / Copper
    * Metalphoto® is rated outdoors for up to 20 years in the Black/Silver effect.
  • ALUMAJET™-a Full-Color inkjet printed aluminum.
    With ( three ) overlam Finishes to choose from - MATTE, SATIN, GLOSS
    Available in sizes up to 12.0" x 18.0"
    With ( three ) Thicknesses to select from - .005" / .012" / .020"
    Base colors available with the inkjet printed aluminum is Silver / Gold / Copper
    * Alumajet™, while it lasts indefinitely indoors, will last 3-5 years outdoors when laminated with a clear protective UV overlam coating.
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